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As the need of the hour business or brand is now shifting towards digital marketing for their products or services. Digital marketing gives the power to completely track all the activities or efforts. After switching to digital marketing, the first thing is to get a Website, once it is built it is time to get traffic to the website and organic conversions out of it.The best way to get organic traffic is through Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It is very essential for us to track SEO efforts. This can be done by tracking SEO Metrics.

Important SEO Metrics to track are:

  1. Organic traffic

First SEO Metrics to track is the organic traffic is to check the Google Analytics or you can use any other tool as well to track it. Google Analytics is the best platform which gives insights into the websites for free. This gives an exact idea of the users visiting the website, majorly: bounce rate, CTR, Time duration, Demographics, Page visit, etc.


  1. Keyword on which you want to rank for & keyword on which you are ranking

Keywords we want to rank like “SEO”, so we track site ranking on the keyword “SEO”. But sometimes it happens when we track on Google analytics we get to know there are some other keywords on which our website is ranking. So we can get some new keywords on which we can work to rank our website.


  1. Backlinks to your site and your competitor’s site

As we know the Backlinks profile is a must for any website, so we have to track this. It is very important to track how our backlinks are growing and where our competitors are building backlinks and getting organic traffic.


  1. Social traffic

Another great way of getting organic traffic is through social sites. This gives an important insight into how well we are promoting our content on social media and getting the organic traffic from there. The higher the social sharing, the higher the organic traffic we get, and the higher the brand building or loyalty.


  1. Organic conversion

There are 2 goals when we do SEO, they are:

    1. Rank the website and
    2. Get organic conversion

If by doing SEO we rank our website and don’t get the conversion the purpose of doing SEO is not completed. So, we have to put effort not only in ranking of the website but also to get the conversion.

This is an important point of SEO Metrics tracking, whether we are getting the organic conversion or not.


  1. Keep tracking your authority metric

We have to monitor our authority metrics like the page and domain. These are important SEO metrics to track which clearly indicate the efforts of SEO by telling us the improvement in page and domain authority of the website.

This can be done by Moz, ahref, etc.


  1. Keep checking your landing page related metrics

Landing pages are important to track; this can be done through Google Analytics


  1. Look at mobile traffic

As we know now Google is giving importance to mobile devices. So it is very important to track these SEO Metrics, how much traffic we are getting from mobile devices


These are some very basic SEO Metrics to track to make your efforts in the right direction.

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