Social Media Optimization


In today’s changing world it is very important for all the businesses to make their social media presence because there is so much traffic on social media platforms. Everyone is on social media whether your client, your prospect, and your competitor client, etc. if you are not taking your business online and on social media you missing a very big opportunity.

When you take a business on social media you made your presence on social media, it is not social media optimization. Making a profile on social media or making a page on social media is not social media optimization; it is just making your presence on social media. It is sometimes confusing between social media optimization (SMO) and social media marketing (SMM).

Social Media Optimization

  1. The social media act as a Catalyst to grow your business

As we know there is a lot of traffic on social media, so it acts as a catalyst to bring traffic to your website and grow the business.


  1. Most campaigns are non paid

SMO is mostly organic or non paid campaigns. No paid ads or campaigns are run in social media optimization.


  1. It counts efforts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn like platform

Making a profile or a page on social media is also an effort. Just making a page or profile is not social media optimization but are efforts


  1. Mostly On-Page kind of activities like- optimization of the profile, page assets, etc

Social Media Optimization activities are mostly like On-Page SEO.

    • Optimization of profile: Includes writing about us, loading profile image and cover images, regular content posting.
    • Pages assets: update phone number, website. Address, and Whatsapp integration, etc.


  1. Focus on brand image

SMO’s focus is on building a brand image or awareness for accounts that are created on different Social Medias (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) and maintain uniformity in all the accounts. Like if you upload company Logo than the color of the logo has to be the same on all platforms, the about us should be the same on all platforms. All this has to be keeping in mind while doing SMO, if these things are not taken care it is not SMO it is just doing social media.


  1. Understanding the algorithm, focus on the elements of the algorithm as algorithms keep on changing

Understandings of social media algorithms are very important. The person doing the Social Media Optimization should know the value of likes, shares, comments on the posts, how the algorithms work, where to put links, which type & length of content to be load every platform have different content length, optimized images


  1. The person working for SMO must understand the dynamic nature of social media platforms

Over a period of time, social media platforms keep on changing and upgraded. It is very important for the person doing Social Media Optimization to keep updated with the latest features which are introduced by the platforms (like the Stories, Live feature introduced by most of the platforms) by utilizing these we can take full advantage to bring traffic.


As discussed above it is clear what SMO is all about. While in Social Media Marketing we run paid ad campaigns. The first step is Social Media Optimization another step is Social Media Marketing.

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