A few months back businesses in all spheres of the world were largely driven by technological advancements clubbed with the competition. But unfortunately, the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic hit the world so hard that the economies got crushed and many counties were forced to implement complete lockdowns. The first case of Coronavirus is said to have been reported back in November 2019 in China. Ever since the first case of this spine-tingling pandemic was reported it spread across not just the cities of China, but across the world like a wild forest fire. Keeping in view the nature of this virus and the lack of an appropriate vaccine for the virus, the World Health Organisation declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus also as a pandemic in the month of March 2020. Figures show that Italy, China, the US, and Spain are badly hit by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic as compared to other effected countries for the time being.It has been time and again reiterated that coronavirus is easily communicable and one must take necessary precautions in their day to day life to prevent this virus from spreading. As a precautionary measure it is advised that one must strictly follow social distancing/physical distancing from others and break the chain of COVID-19. This precautionary measure has been followed by various counties by implementing lockdowns and it is said to have reduced the number of COVID-19 cases. On one hand, where social distancing and lockdowns have become the need of the hour, on the other hand, it has become highly important to introduce your business to the domain of digital marketing in order to survive the challenging times created by the outbreak of the pandemic.

Due to the change caused in the market by the outbreak of COVID-19, it is now seen that outdoor marketing and print advertisements have vanished from the market for the time being. Therefore, a need exists to shift towards the digital marketing strategy. Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic digital marketing had made its impact on various businesses and helped many in stepping up their businesses. However, with the outbreak of the pandemic and people being confined to their homes search traffic has significantly increased, and now is the right time to put some efforts in the digital marketing domain to step up your business. Bracing yourself with the skills of digital marketing will help you in not just the present crises but in the longer run. It creates a flexible platform for the marketing of your business idea and at the same time enhances your customer base.  It is said that more than two billion people are using various social media platforms in the present times and the number is expected to increase owing to the lockdowns. Therefore now is the right time to utilize your lockdown days in a creative fashion and create your brand-name through digital marketing. Lastly, India being a diverse country which falls among the world’s most populated countries one must bear in mind that this diversity amplifies the opportunities for your business.

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