Strategy for Social Media


Today all businesses/brands are shifting towards digital marketing. In Digital Marketing when it comes to making social media presence, Strategy for Social Media Marketing is very confusing. There are so many platforms to choose from, and every platform requires different types of content, so how to create content for all types of platforms, how to measure KPIs.

Points to remember Strategy for Social Media planning:

1. Understand social media platforms:

First and the foremost step for creating Strategy for Social Media Marketing is we have to understand all the different types of Social Media Platforms. What are the features of the platform, and how it going to support the business products or services?

Like if we select Facebook. We have to understand its features, audience whether it is going to support your business product or services. If it is not supporting the business requirement, we have to switch to other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

For creating Strategy for Social Media Marketing, it is very essential to analyze and select the social media platform to promote products or services. So, we can utilize all the features of a social media platform to effectively promote the product or services.

2. Create content according to the platform:

Content is the king at any platform. It is very important to create content according to social media we had opted for. The most important social media metrics is engagement, if we talk about organic on social media it is how people are engaging with our content.

So it is a very important Strategy for Social Media to create engaging content according to the platform we had selected. It doesn’t matter how good content you have built, if it is not mapped with the right platform it will not get the desired engagement.

For example, as we know on YouTube video content work better, we have to make video content instead of written or infographics will not work well. On Instagram, short videos, infographics, stories work well, so we have to build according to that.

3. Make sure you are working in the right direction:

For creating Strategy for Social Media, we have to make sure that we are working in the right direction. It is possible only through monitoring Analytics.

4. Distribute the existing content assets to their most appropriate social media channels:

For creating Strategy for Social Media for a business it is very important to have content on the platform. If we selected multiple platforms then we have to have lots of content according to the multiple platforms. It is very helpful if we have some ready content as per that business or the business has some already made content.

Suppose if we are creating Strategy for Social Media for a new business, we have to make some posts in all the selected platforms. So, when the traffic comes to that platform, they can see some posts and they can engage with the posts. If there are very 1-2 posts or a few posts than the chances of an engagement or follow becomes very less.

So it is very important for a new business or a project to have some content ready for posting before any campaign or bring traffic. After having the base prepared the calendar, timing, and type of content are built for social media marketing.

5. Define your conversion & goals metrics (KPIs):

For creating Strategy for Social Media we have to define our short term goal, long term goals, and conversions. And to monitor all these we have to make our KPIs.


These are a few basic steps to keep in mind before creating a Strategy for Social Media.

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