Digital Vs. Traditional Marketing

Can Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing?

Promoting a product/brand is comprised of numerous features and methodologies. Marketers put their hard work in creating unique content, to make impressive promotions, to build brand value, visibility, and loyalty.

That is the place marketing operations come in.

What Is Marketing Operations?

To promote the product/brand integrates all advertising aspects, and makes procedure from marketing to sales. This is an information-driven procedure that supports marketing techniques and executions.

When marketers think about advertising activities, they always create innovative promotions after collecting all information. Advertising includes print media, broadcast marketing, Telephone marketing, outdoor marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, paid search advertising, etc.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Before the rise of the internet, marketers use several mediums to market their products/brands. All those mediums essentially exist and are chosen by companies to reach their target audiences.

Various forms of Traditional Marketing are:

• Print Media
• Broadcast Marketing
• Direct Mail Marketing
• Telephone Marketing
• Outdoor Marketing

Print Marketing:
The advertisements and product placements in magazines, newspapers, and other printed publications.

Broadcast Marketing:
The advertisements on radio, podcasts, and on TV. All big brands consider this as a major medium of advertising.

Direct Mail Marketing:
Mails are an especially effective way of communication and to reach target demographics that are used to direct print marketing. If the targeted consumer doesn’t spend time on the internet, this marketing opportunity makes sense.

Telephone Marketing:
Telemarketing with phone calls or text messages is the popular method of marketing. Due to increasing fraud, this is least trusted by the consumers.

Outdoor Advertising:
This includes billboards, posters, and fliers. This is one of the oldest forms of traditional marketing, and still one of the most effective. During commuting, audiences all over the glove spend hours on roads.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is promoting product/brand using digital channels (Internet). Digital Marketing includes various routes to meet users where they spend the most time i.e. Internet.

Digital Marketing includes:

• Search Engine Optimization
• Social Media Marketing
• Paid Search Advertising
• Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization:
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps in bring organic or free traffic to your website by improving its ranking in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) or the Google Search Engine. More the traffic on your website increases, more prospects, and ultimately more sales.

Social Media Marketing:
Social Media Marketing is promoting the product/brand on social sites. This is the best way to create brand visibility and loyalty amongst your targeted audience. This can be free or paid both by creating engaging/viral posts/content.

Paid Search Advertising:
It is promoting your product/brand on Google or its partner websites by running paid ads. This form of advert is most adopted by new companies which to rank their websites from the first day on SERP.

Email Marketing:
This is another popular method adopted by marketers to reach their target audience emails only. It is considered the best marketing tool these days to promote your new products.

Digital marketing manages to satisfy all four P’s: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion on audience interaction with the internet. Whereas traditional marketing meets the customers where they are in terms of physical locations (like office, home, on-road, etc.). Digital Marketing is the most rapidly growing sector of marketing and crucial for small and big businesses.

Can Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing?

As the world shifting online, more and more people are using the internet, so digital marketing has quickly become the most popular and effective form of marketing for all marketers. With Digital Marketing it is possible to target the right audience with ease and in a much cheaper way as compared to traditional marketing. Digital Marketing’s biggest advantage is it is measurable. Marketers use this because digital marketing remarketing of the product is much easier.

While traditional marketing is clearly not as competitive as it used to be it is still effective in a specific business. Depending on companies, their budgets, and market goals traditional marketing also used by companies. Still, there are forms of traditional marketing that are actively growing, like broadcast marketing, because a large population still trusts traditional ads and is not much active in digital marketing.


Considering this pandemic situation Digital Marketing is a more effective way of promoting and selling the products.

However, Digital Marketing will not entirely replace traditional marketing entirely but can take a huge portion of traditional marketing.

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