Digital marketing is also known as internet marketing and it has been a game-changer for budding businesses. It is defined by experts as the canopy of marketing spreading over the digital arena. In other words, digital marketing is the marketing of goods and services over various social media platforms. This is a unique type of marketing when compared with traditional marketing setup as it only requires the use of electronic devices and the internet.

Having understood the basic meaning of digital marketing it is highly important to highlight the importance of digital marketing in the present era. Especially by taking into account the lockdown situation created by the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 across the world.

In November 2019 China is said to have reported its first case of coronavirus and within weeks this virus spread not only across China by across the globe. The outbreak of the pandemic was so drastic and tragic that it forced the World Health Organisation to declare the outbreak of this chilling virus as a pandemic. Keeping in view the unique nature of the virus and the lack of appropriate medical care and inoculation available against the outbreak of this pandemic harsh steps were taken by the authorities which had a direct impact on the economy. But unfortunately, these harsh measures where the only available option to fight the outbreak of the pandemic. Experts believe that the only way to stop this virus from spreading any further was to call for complete lockdown as a result country effected by this virus opted to call for complete lockdown in order to prevent the virus from spreading any further.

On one hand, lockdowns were the need of the hour and on the other hand, it caused huge inconvenience to businesses who followed the system of traditional marketing. However, it is well known that changes are necessary for overall growth. Albert Einstein has said “the world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” This quote applies even in the current scenario as a need exists to make a shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing in order to cope up with the growing time.

Digital marketing is important to all types of businesses in the present times of digitization especially due to the following reasons;

  1. Cost-efficient
  2. Gives equal opportunity to all businesses
  3. Targets a huge customer base
  4. Established a brand reputation
  5. Marketing beyond boundaries

It is highly important to mention that the lockdowns witnessed across various countries in the world have forced businesses to make a swift shift to digital marketing in order to survive these challenging times. This has widened the demand for digital marketing experts at the national at well as international level. Therefore now is the right time to boost your digital marketing skills in this lockdown and avail the benefits for the long term in almost every business sector.

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