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After COVID – 19 SEO Opportunities to Start Working Now

The world is currently under a Pandemic, which created a state of panic, and confusion. With the changing situation every hour, it can leave you feeling lost, alone and wondering what is coming next.

As we are a strong group, we will get out of this situation very soon.

When the condition comes to normal the companies that are able to withstand this lockdown and strategically plan will come out strong from this situation and recover much faster.

Think and start strategic planning post-COVID-19, for the same current opportunities that you can start working on to improve your SEO.

  1. Stay ahead of Google Trends

Currently, when people are lockdown in their home they are searching online.

Monitor Google Trends for the latest updates on the topics/questions that people are looking about in your industry during this time.

If you want to stay on top of this data and actually start to identify trends relevant to your business, you can create content according to those topics. So, when sales resume again, you’ll be ready for that.

Your content will be out, turning into the resources people need. This will improve your SEO and bring more traffic to your website.

Google Trends

  1. Monitor Google Search Console and Keyword Rankings

It is very important to monitor Google Search Console (GSC) and other tools to research keywords more closely than you normally do.

Currently, there is a great demand or demand that is entirely shifted, you can see shifts in search interest and user intent on individual quires.

If you don’t monitor this closely enough you would miss the opportunity to change your approach.

google search console

  1. Build Up Your Content Bank

In this pandemic consumer behavior is shifting, they are searching and behaving differently than before.

Like every person else, you also have time in lockdown, so start writing by prioritizing the top/mid-funnel content.

Whereas this content may not convert in the short term, this will get users into the funnel to present your products/services for future needs.

By having a content bank with great content ready to go and you will be there ahead of time, which will give you ahead of the competition.

Content writing

  1. Start thinking regarding holiday and Q3-Q4 initiatives now

We don’t know how long this situation of lockdown will last.

Anyways, we are looking at several months ahead, before the economy will improve. We all know that Q1 and Q2 figures may be lower than primarily forecasted, start planning now how you can improve that in the half of the year.

If you are an e-commerce company, start planning for the festival season.


  1. Employ Top SEO talent

Due to COVID-19, all the businesses are closed. Loyal TOP SEP talent may find themselves without any work.

So if you want to hire, start recruiting now. This will go a long way to show that you are in a strong position, which will attract top talent.

Your company might be a target for those who are looking for new opportunities, so make sure you are active on LinkedIn. And if you are not hiring right now, this is a great opportunity to grow your connections, start interacting, this might be beneficial in the near future.


  1. Embrace new content strategies

We have never predicted this, the opportunities that are presented during times like this force us to change for the better.

People spending more time streaming and watching YouTube/Video content right now, so its high time to develop more video content to take advantage of this.

Have a look at earlier developed content that resonated via traffic and repurpose that in a video format.


  1. Embrace the data

As mentioned in the first point, it is not only you who have more data to work with when it comes to Google Trends because people are searching more regularly, you may see an increase in traffic to your site, which depends on the industry to industry.

Currently, the traffic coming to your website may not be converted into sales or even leads, but an increase in searched and people to your website can still provide some immense insight.

Now is the time to collect data and really do a deep dive into your website.


  1. Think beyond content & use this time wisely

More of a sales or leads generation for marketers it’s his time to simply use your time wisely.

While content is the first SEO task that comes into mind, now is the time to focus on SEO as a whole.

  • Make sure your pages speed is as required
  • Update website with new photographs
  • Check for SEO friendly URL structure
  • Make a user experience work out
  • Make sure your content is easy to available

Some tasks may require a bit of outsourcing, this can be a way of helping other fellow marketers during this time.

This might also be a good time to start learning new things. There a number of platforms giving you free access to learning new things.



You shouldn’t stop your SEO work just because of the current situation.

The opportunities are always there in the market, you just have to know where to find the opportunity.

We hope everyone recovers from these overwhelming efforts of COVID-19 soon.

Stay home stays safe!!!

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